1. Ashe, the Frost Archer.

  3. Ashe continues her noble, perhaps slightly misguided, quest for a unified Freljord.

    This is the thrilling sequel to another comic I did ages ago.

  4. Here’s a big ole’ repost of some of my past League drawings that I still really like. Dedicated to the scant few of you out there who still manage to find my old stuff and like and reblog it to this day!

    I’m currently enjoying a short break from school. During this time I endeavor to make some more League fan art since that’s where my roots are (and since it’s fun!). Please look forward to it!


  5. objectophile asked: hey there! so i was going through my tag (objectophile) and came across your video and i was so happy because i thought someone made a video about me and i was like YAY omg but then i realized that the video was tagged as objectophile because it was indeed about an objectophile. i still watched it though and i think it was really cool. so yeah. kinda pointless but everyone likes a friendly message in their inbox

    Ha! Well, I’m glad you liked it.

  6. Thought I’d share something I’m pretty proud of with my Tumblr-friends. I call it “Love At First Orbit”, and it’s about an objectophile who falls in love.

  7. So, remember that super hero I was trying to design?

    Think I got a handle on it now. Here’s a preview.

  8. Vancouver fashion in a nutshell.

  11. So, I disappeared again. ‘Guess I do that a lot! Why do you guys even bother with me?

    I haven’t been idle, though. I’ve been working hard on school-related stuff. And while doing my work in storyboarding class I kind of accidentally created what I think might be my very first Tumblr original character.

    The short version is that I used this girl in a couple of storyboard assignments and, while asking my instructor about how I could improve, he said that my drawings are getting pretty solid and that my ideas for the super short stories he’s assigning us aren’t bad either. He asked about this character, what her name is and what kind of character she might be, and that answering these questions about her and other characters I create for these classes would bring me to the next level. I decided to accept his challenge, and I’m coming up with a story for my as-yet-unnamed original character.

    To those of you who follow me for my silly League of Legends doodles, do not fret! I’ve not abandoned the game (and am actually in the middle of grinding my way back into gold), and I often get the compulsion to draw Riven and Ire and all the others I love. It’s just that as school progresses more and more of my drawing time is getting swallowed up by its demands. I’m not quitting fan art, it’s just going to come at a super slow rate.

    I’m considering making a seperate Tumblr account in the near-future after I flesh out some ideas for this here character. If you’re interested in that, stay tuned! If not, it was wonderful having you. You guys don’t know how much it meant to me that I accumulated as many followers as I have and that you guys liked my work enough to want to see it when I post it. I hope that my future posts are as not-disappointing as the ones that brought you to me in the first were. I promise to do better, and soon I hope to making even more less-terrible work for you all to kind-of-enjoy!

    That’s my update. I’ll see you guys real soon!

  12. Can’t forget Ire!

  13. After being exposed to character design in school I’ve been tinkering with a new style. Whatcha think?


  14. League’s upcoming 2014 login screen art is kind of hilarious in how juvenile it is about women’s bodies. Stay classy, Riot.